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    As NO MORE SWEAT is in a liquid spray applicator, it can be used on all areas of the body ie. face,  scalp, neck, back, underarms, hands, feet, intimate areas etc. NO MORE SWEAT Double Pack is suitable for sufferers with both hyperhidrosis of the hands and feet as well as body.

    NO MORE SWEAT must only be used at night, after bathing. Apply  to a completely dry, clean surface. Spray 1-2 times on area of concern. Use a tissue to remove excess product. In the morning wash NO MORE SWEAT off. The area will remain dry for up to 7 days. For face, scalp and intimate application, apply NO MORE SWEAT with a cotton wool applicator. This is to avoid applying too much product. Make up and face creams can be used the next day after applying NO MORE SWEAT.  Should underarms become sensitive to NO MORE SWEAT, stop application and apply moisturiser. Re-apply after a few days using a cotton wool applicator to only the centre part of the armpit. Do not use NO MORE SWEAT after shaving, on a rash or on open wounds.

    Your regular fragrance or deodorant can be used after NO MORE SWEAT application.

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    1. Love love this product

      We all know how frustrating it can be when sweaty arm pits ect get you down, to the point where you are sweating in your wooly clothes but can't take them off or u will freeze and the embarrassment of stinky b.o when you shouldnt even be sweating and night sweats Omigosh this is the cure right here people! I have cried over the past few days with extreme happiness experiences no more sweat for the first time and i can tell you now i wont be letting go of this product im so so happy to have found no more sweat it does exactly what it gaurentees! I cant thank you anymore ! on 20th May 2018

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